Advance Replacement

Zade will provide you with an advance replacement unit under the following conditions:

  • Zade customer support has determined the product is defective, and not due to negligence or modification.
  • Product is determined to be defective within 90 days of purchase (proof of purchase required).

To receive your new product, you will be temporarily charged the retail price for the advanced replacement unit. Payment can be made by new purchase order (for distributors and resellers) or by a credit card. This charge will be refunded upon return of the defective unit.

Warranty and Non-Warranty Repair

Defective product that does not qualify for advance replacement will be repaired via the normal warranty or non-warranty repair process. Products that fall outside the warranty period can be repaired on a “time and materials” basis. For more information, contact Zade customer support at +357 26 819 031.

Discontinued Product Support

Zade offers free customer support for three years after a product has been discontinued.